Eco wedding is definitely the best way to start a new chapter in life with nature because when you look at weddings from a slightly sensitive frame, celebrating while being on the same page. To a layperson, a green wedding can be defined as an event that is mindful of the impact it has on the environment and therefore one that maximizes, to a large extent, the damage caused to the environment. So to save our green environment an eco-friendly wedding is the best.

Having an eco-friendly wedding doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice beauty and quality. In fact, not only will an eco wedding offer you some of the most beautiful ideas, but it’ll probably save you some money as well. There can be a lot of food waste, throwaway decor and plastic packaging, not to mention the carbon footprint of all your guests traveling there.


Weddings don’t tend to be hugely eco-friendly events.

In recent times there is an increasing number of couples are looking at ways of having an eco wedding or adopting a few eco-friendly ideas to make their wedding day that bit more sustainable. If you are finding a green wedding venue, club 5 gives you a fantastic theme where you tie the knot, save you money and give your guests food for thoughts. The key thing is that growing an eco-friendly wedding shouldn’t feel like a chore. 

Whether you want your day to be green from start to finish, or you’re looking for just a couple of eco-elements to give the wedding an ethical twist, these eco-friendly wedding ideas don’t require much effort but it’ll surely give a big reward. 

So why not make your dream wedding an “eco-friendly wedding” this season? Weddings bring a lot of joy, happiness, and hope. There’s good food, music, dancing, and the company of our friends and family. And, while we never fail to keep the enjoyment quotient high, we often tend to turn a blind eye towards the environment amidst those wedding shenanigans. Weddings are about spreading love and not causing harm to the environment.

So, check out these eco-friendly wedding ideas to incorporate in your wedding and do something good for the environment. We are sure, you would be proud of your wedding like this then!


Eco-Friendly wedding venues

Actually choosing a wedding venue is the biggest factor in having an eco-friendly wedding. Don’t think that means you need to be signing up to compostable loos and a tipi if that’s not your thing.

“The biggest carbon footprint of your wedding is from travel, so if you can find a place you love near the majority of your guests, that will be the biggest win”. Club 5 is one of the venues which is located centrally and one can easily access this location.

Instead of transporting and constructing a venue like a marquee, choose a permanent building like a Club 5. They regularly host events, they’ll have the infrastructure set up to adapt to your eco wedding, like recycling facilities and many more. They have banquet hall including Tulip 1 and Tulip 2 and also there is a Grand ball hall give green solutions.  If you are Looking for a venue with a green seal of approval, Club 5 has the capability to organize an event with conserving energy and using environmentally responsible products and services. 


Eco-Friendly wedding invitation and intienery 

Paper comes at the cost of cutting trees. How about ditching wedding cards completely and instead, go for quirky couple photoshoots with which you can declare getting hitched with all the necessary details. You can send electronic invites like e-mail to your friends and family.

You can even consider emailing your guests the link to a video, setting up a cool wedding website that showcases your theme or designing a cute e-card with a picture of both of you. This means no wastage at all.


Eco-Friendly wedding catering at club 5  

As we all know Food is always a key source of waste, especially if you have a buffet as they will always over-cater for guests. Alongside this, you can Airmiles from all the food and an abundance of plastic tableware and packaging. By keeping in mind club 5 follow the golden rule of quality over quantity.

At club 5 organic farming is done without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. And so, you will help to reduce carbon footprints by a notable amount if you choose to serve organic vegetarian food to your guests. Opting for local and seasonal food is the best way to host an eco-friendly wedding.


Club 5: adopt new technology with decor item 

Instead of printing out the table plan, club 5 projected it up on the wall and have their page boys use iPads to show people to their seats. The projector was then used to display a montage of family wedding photos as an impactful centerpiece. 

The best way to reduce the environmental impact of your wedding flowers is to go seasonal and local. Not only will this dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of flying in out-of-season flowers, but it’s kind on your wallet too. But Club 5 make sure you about flourish decor about their whole supply chain to make sure about the flowers through which they decorate your wedding event. 

Club 5 believe in hosting a green wedding that has become essential for the well being of everyone. You will feel a sense of relief when you know that your wedding has caused no harm. Organizing an eco-friendly wedding is easier than it sounds. Be conscious of your surroundings and have a great wedding.

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