To compete with convenient wellness apps, leisure centers can reignite their club’s community by implementing trendy and popular fitness activities in their best gym and fitness club which can help members hone both body and mind.

Leisure centers are attractive for members due to their vast offering of wellness resources. However, nowadays customers are looking for convenient means to become healthier. As mobile solutions, such as massage therapists at your door, home-visit personal trainers, and subscription-delivered fit lunchboxes begin to gain popularity, people don’t have to leave the comfort of their homes to work on their wellness.

Improve your fitness at home

This new ‘to-your-door’ demand is problematic for the holistic leisure center. Leisure centers are a place for communities and families to visit, get fit and enjoy time together. However mobiles, while isolating people, are also delivering wellness services and goods directly to the consumer.

Today, the most popular fitness activities do not allow people to simply improve physically; the best workouts also benefit the emotional and mental state of participants. Stress relief, mindfulness, and increasing brain power are also now popular incentives for people to workout.

In this article, we will help you through the most common and trendy leisure club activities you can incorporate into your facility to maximize member happiness, appeal to new markets and reduce your membership churn.

We will focus on analyzing popular leisure club activities for:

Pool facilities

Studio’s and classes

Fitness centers

Indoor & outdoor sports arenas

Activities for Pool Facilities

A swimming pool, swimming bath, wading pool, or paddling pool is a structure designed to hold water to enable swimming or other leisure activities. It is widely known that swimming is a great activity for all ages. Due to water resistance, aqua activities engage the whole body while decreasing weight-bearing by up to 90%. Because of this, exercises completed in a pool are much easier than when they are completed in a studio.

It has now become common to increase the resistance but lower the impact of many common land-based activities, such as cycling and yoga, by creating aquatic versions of them. Leisure center managers can attract more members into their pool facilities by introducing new twists on popular leisure center activities.

Sports Facilities

Sports activities such as Lawn tennis, Squash, table tennis and many more are useful in providing members with coordination and balance training, making it a useful sport for those recovering from injuries, too.

For example, aquatic therapy has become a trendy leisure center activity for elderly people who are looking for a low impact yet difficult workout. Water rests the joints and massages the muscles, while at the same time providing resistance which improves both strength and stamina.

Another attractive element of leisure center pool activities is not only effective workout it gives but also its stress-relieving benefits. In particular, leverages the calming capabilities of water to help de-stress participants, while at the same time, increasing the difficulty of the yoga poses due to the balance needed for the yoga board. The fusion of a beloved and well-known exercise, such as yoga, with a new aquatic environment, is what makes it such a popular leisure center activity.

Popular Activities for leisure center Sports arenas

Playground Games

Beloved children games such as Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, or British Bulldog, along with pop culture-inspired games such as Quidditch and the Hunger Games have re-emerged as a popular fitness activity by changing grueling exercise into playtime for adults.

From a leisure facility perspective, offering playgrounds games at your club is a cost-effective way to draw in families, adults who dislike workouts and children.

Very little equipment is needed to play, as playground games rely on imagination, communication, and strategy to work. Fitness or form isn’t focused on at all while playing, thus making playground gaming a very alluring alternative to traditional class workouts.

Activities for the Fitness Center

On the other end of the sporting spectrum, there are members who prefer working out alone, training diligently and motivating themselves. For these people, seeing quantifiable results can really help them feel validated and drive them forward.

Activities for fitness center

On the other end of the sporting spectrum, there are members who prefer working out alone, training diligently and motivating themselves. For these people, seeing quantifiable results can really help them feel validated and drive them forward.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the newest and most exciting works out trends to emerge in 2019. By using virtual reality headsets and sensors, members can immerse themselves in recreational gaming, all the while reaping the benefits of a good workout.

With the limitless concepts of gaming scenarios on offer, members are able to choose ‘realities’ which can help train certain disciplines, such as mindfulness, balance, power, coordination, and agility.

In order to deliver more VR experiences to their members, there has also been a rise in immersive VR studios, in which huge screens and powerful speakers line the walls of the room, allowing an entire class to be sucked into a new world as they work out.

Through merging thrilling and flexible gaming concepts with workouts, virtual reality has big potential to become a trendy leisure club activity.

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